Conversational Italian for Travelers

Conversational Italian for Travelers
Just the Important Phrases

(with Restaurant Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions)

Don’t you just love a small book with a long title?

Best Kathy Twitter Pic edited for blogMy name is Kathryn Occhipinti, MD, and I am the author of the book we will be featuring on this blog. I am also the moderator of the Conversational Italian! Facebook group.

Join us each week as we discuss how to use the phrases that will allow YOU to get around Italy and feel comfortable there to really enjoy your dream vacation. My pocket book of Italian is easy to take along on your trip and has questions you will want to ask and the answers you will hear—and in the back, there’s a guide to the Italian dishes found on restaurant menus. It is all presented in a friendly, easy-to-read way, with lots of real-life examples that are not found in textbooks.

Let’s have fun together conversing about Italian language and culture as we learn Italian! Go to the sidebar and check out the Italian proverbs and Italian phrases we have been discussing on the Conversational Italian! Facebook group.


3 thoughts on “Conversational Italian for Travelers

  1. The basics are covered in Unit 1, with important phrases everyone needs to know to visit Italy included as we learn how to speak. Then you are ready to converse with la tua famiglia! You can also join our group on Facebook Conversational Italian! which is made up of native Italians and Americans to get an idea of how Italian really speak.


  2. Nice idea, but where can you learn how to converse, write mia famiglia? I don’t need to know about traveling, hotels, etc.


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