Your Italian Travel Tips – WALKS© of Italy for 2020!

Kathryn Occhipinti, MD
Kathryn Occhipinti, MD, for Conversational Italian for Travelers books

Auguri di buon anno 2020 a tutti! Grazie mille for following my blog, now online for it’s 5th year!

For the first post of 2020, I would like to announce a new affiliate that I have made with the tour group WALKS©, formally Walks of Italy.

Some background:  When I traveled to Europe last year, I signed up for several of the WALKS tours.  I was so impressed by the organization of the tours and the quality  of the tour guides that I decided to become an affiliate advertiser.

This is why, as you may have noticed, there are two new images that mention WALKS of Italy on the sidebar of this blog.

One image provides a link to one of the WALKS tours, and will take you directly to their website, so you can check out the company yourself and, of course, purchase a the “Venice in a Day” tour.







The second, brightly colored image of a tourist map of Italy on my sidebar

A colorful map of Italy with large icons over each city that depicts a popular tourist attraction for each, such as a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa over Pisa and the Duomo over Florence
Map of Italy with the most popular Italian tourist destinations

is  directly above a link to a page I have created that lists the many other tours that WALKS of Italy offers in Venice, Rome, Florence, and Milan.

These links will also take you directly to the WALKS website, so if you find one you like you can make a purchase.

Just click on the link More WALKS of Italy Tours to be taken to this page and a whole world of tour ideas!



I do receive a small fee as an affiliate partner with WALKS, as mentioned on the page if you click one of the links on this blog.  For this, I thank you all very much!

For anyone planning their trip to Italy in 2020,  consider a WALKS of Italy tour. If you do choose to take a WALKS tour, please feel free to leave a comment about your experience on my  More WALKS of Italy Tours page.

And remember Conversational Italian for Travelers: Just the Important Phrases on and Learn Travel if you need a compact, lightweight pocket guidebook to take on your next trip! Free Cultural Notes, Italian Recipes, and Audio to help you practice your Italian are also found on Learn Travel


Conversational Italian for Travelers Just the Important Phrases
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