Piacere: How Italians Say “I like it!”

Rome's via dei Fori Imperiali

“Piacere” is a very important verb for the Italian traveler to know, since there are so many people, places and things “to like”in Italy! Once we tap into the Italian way of thinking, and learn a few simple examples, it becomes easy to express how much we like things in Italian!

Let’s Talk About… An Italian Christmas Celebration

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Let’s Talk About…An Italian Christmas Celebration. Christmastime is a magical time in Italy. The colorful decorations and holiday lights that adorn every Italian town bring with them a feeling of celebration that inspires children and adults alike. Italians of Jewish faith celebrate Chanukah in December as well, with glowing candles that bring their own special beauty to December evenings. But what really make the December holidays special, both in Italy and around the world? For most, it is the gathering of family and friends. See the table below for a list of the important celebrations that take place in Italy during the Christmas season and some common phrases that Italians use to wish each other “happy holidays.”

Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! How to Say, “I miss you…” with Mancare

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Learn Italian with Italian Phrases we use every day! How to say, “I miss you” with “mancare”. In this blog, we will discuss how to use the verb Italian mancare, which part of a group of Italian verbs that always take an indirect object pronoun and therefore “work” differently from your typical Italian verb. After this blog, we can add mancare to our list of important Italian verbs discussed that only take indirect object pronouns.

Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! – Let’s Talk About… TV and the Movies in Italian

Burano in Venice, Italy and Everyday Italian phrases

Learn Italian: Let’s talk about movies and TV in Italian. One of the most common topics people discuss is what they have watched lately on their TV. But whether the discussion is about a made-for-TV series or a classic movie, the conversation usually revolves around the same topics: our likes and dislikes, intriguing points in the plot, and, of course, those fabulous actors.

Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! – Past Tense Passato Prossimo – “Avere” or “Essere”?

Burano in Venice, Italy and Everyday Italian phrases

Learn Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! Past Tense Passato Prossimo – “Avere” or “Essere”? Every Italian student starts by speaking only in the present tense — that is, about what is happening in the “here and now.”  But what if we want to refer back to an event that has happened in the recent past, such as this morning, yesterday, or last year?  Well, then, will have to learn how to form the passato prossimo past tense!

Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! – Benvenuto Natale!

Burano in Venice, Italy and Everyday Italian phrases

Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! – Benvenuto Natale! With the Italian interjection “Benvenuto!” or “Welcome!” we will be conversing in Italian with family and friends for the holidays, just as we do in our native language! Of course, we also need to learn the variations of  benvenuto in order to greet each individual or group correctly, just as we have previously how to address those we are talking to with the correct masculine and feminine endings. Remember how to use the interjection Benvenuto! and I guarantee you will be able to easily add many more interjections to your daily Italian conversations!