Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! – Italian Reciprocal Reflexive Verbs

Burano in Venice, Italy and Everyday Italian phrases

Learn Italian with Italian Phrases We Use EVERY day!If we learn how to say “each other” in Italian, a “commonly used phrase” in English that is expressed with  Italian reciprocal reflexive verbs, we will be able to talk about common feelings and experiences — just as we do in our native language!


Learn Italian Phrases We Use EVERY Day! Blog Series #19 – 28

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Learn Italian with “Italian Phrases We Use EVERY day!” is a blog series written by Kathryn Occhipinti, author of the “Conversational Italian for Travelers” series of books.  In this series, she shares her insights and method into the best way to learn how to speak fluently in the Italian language. The 19th through 28th blogs in this series are summarized here on this page.  Just click on the links to read the full blog. Buon divertimento!