Buona Festa della Donna 2017

Today’s Italian saying is about a truly Italian holiday, the Festa della Donna, which was celebrated on March 8 this year. It is a simple holiday started by Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei after World War II (dopoguerra)during which men give the mimosa flower to all the women in their lives as a show of appreciation and love.

The saying below is a tribute to Sicilian women that was written by my favorite, and world-renowned Sicilian author, Andrea Camilleri. His mystery series has been made into the hugely successful BBC television series Inspector Montalbano, segments of which I watch almost every day to keep up on my “local” Italian.

Buona Festa della Donna!

Il 8 di Marzo

Festa della Donna 2017
Buona Festa della Donna! A tribute to Sicilian women from renown Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri.

Featured image photo by Dénes Emőke – London, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15200409

Buone Feste! Happy Holidays in Italian!

Sicilian Christmas cookies called cuccidati

To all my friends who love all things Italian… Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. 

Buone Feste!

Happy Holidays!

Il 24 di Dicembre

Buon Natale
Love is the most beautiful Christmas gift.

This special Italian saying for the December holidays was originally posted by Luisella in Italy from our Conversational Italian! Facebook group. We would love to hear what you have to say about your experiences learning Italian and visiting or living in Italy. Join our open Facebook group and share about all things Italian! —Kathryn Occhipinti

Luisa: Se tutti donassero amore nel giorno di Natale tutti conoscerebbero la gioia di vivere.
 Kathryn: For all that give love on the day of Christmas, they will be given (by God) the joy of life.

Buona Festa del Ringraziamento!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today’s Italian saying is about how being content with what we have is the key to happiness. This saying is in honor of the American holiday of Thanksgiving that takes place every November in America.

Buona Festa di Ringraziamento!

Il 24 di Novembre

Content is happiness.
Chi si contenta gode. = One who is content is happy.

Celebrating San Martino in Italy

Saint Martin Day

Today’s Italian saying celebrates the holiday of San Martino (Saint Martin’s Day) that takes place on November 11 in Italy. The excerpt below and photos are from a blog written by my friend Eleonora at Italian Storytellers.

Legend has it that San Martino cut off half his cloak to give to a beggar, and many paintings depict this theme. The holiday is now linked to a celebration of the new wine that can be tapped for the fall season and the newly ripened chestnuts.

Visit Eleonora’s blog, Italian Storytellers, at the links below for more information about this important fall holiday in Italy. And enjoy red wine and chestnuts the way the Italians do!

Buon San Martino!

Il 11 di Novembre

Saint Martin Saying
Per San Martino si spilla il botticino = On Saint Martin’s Day you tap the little barrel (and try the new wine).

Buon San Martino to you all!
We celebrate Saint Martin today in Italy drinking red wine and eating roasted chestnuts. There are many traditions behind this feast and many festivals dedicated to the saint. Read more on our blog!

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