Italian Proverbs and Sayings 2017

Italian Proverb

Il 29 di Settembre 2017

Buon fine settimana con proverbio! from our Facebook group, Conversational Italian!

Isn’t it interesting the way the Italian proverb mentions “doing – fare” before “saying – dire,” while we English speakers have the same proverb in reverse? Italians also say, “It is like white and black,” rather than “black and white,” like us English speakers.

I’d love to hear more Italian phrases where the descriptive words are opposite than English. Please write if you know of others.

Can anyone guess where the name of the church in the photo? Would love to hear!

Italian proverbs
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Italian Proverb 

Il 8 di Settembre 2017

Buon fine settimana con proverbio! from our Facebook group, Conversational Italian!

I like this proverb because it mentions a type of zucchini, cocuzza. There have been songs written about this zucchini, believe it or not, which is very, very long. Does anyone know about music or other sayings that include this zucchini? Recipes? Would love to hear! – Kathryn

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Restaurant on the Lido, Venice, Italy


Italian Proverb 

Il 25 di Agosto 2017

Porta Ticenese in Milan at Sunset
Sunset on Milan’s canal district at Porta Ticenese during the opening of the World Cup 2014.




Italian Proverb 

Il 23 di Giugno 2017

The secret of living happily in Italian
The secret for living happily is to be in love with life every day. Good Morning Happiness!




Italian Proverb 

Il 27 di Maggio 2017

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Raise the level of the words you choose, not the sound of your voice. It is the rain that makes the flowers grow, not the thunder.

Mother’s Day Wishes

Il 14 di Maggio

Buona Festa della Mamma!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Auguri! = Best Wishes!

Mothers Day Saying in Italian
A child’s saying for Mother’s Day.

Italian Proverb 

Il 21 di Aprile 2017

Beautiful Italian Prases
In my words, that is what I think. In my silence, that is what I feel.

Italian Proverb 

Il 24 di Marzo 2017

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Buona Festa della Donna!

Il 8 di Marzo

Festa della Donna 2017
Buona Festa della Donna! A tribute to Sicilian women from renown Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri.

Featured image photo by Dénes Emőke – London, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Italian Proverb 

Il 27 di Gennaio 2017

Italian saying about making your dream come true.
There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible… The fear of failure.

Italian Proverb 

Il 21 di Gennaio 2017

Italian saying about the value of good people.
Never undervalue good people. They are good, not stupid!

To all my friends… May all your Italian dreams come true in 2017!

Auguri di Buon Anno!

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Il Primo di Gennaio

Auguri di Buon Anno!
Felice Anno Nuovo! means Happy New Year! in Italian. To wish someone a happy new year, say, “Buon anno!”