Your Italian Travel Tips… Tuscany: Things To Do In Elba Italy

Elba Island in Tuscany from Lora by Lora blog 2017
Kathryn Occhipinti, MD
Kathryn Occhipinti, MD, for Conversational Italian for Travelers books

Ciao a tutti! Here is another of my favorite blogs with unique travel tips that I would like to share.

About once a month, I will reblog a post about lesser-known sites or places to visit in Italy under the title “Your Italian Travel Tips.” This January’s post was originally posted on the Lora by Lora blog, by Laura.  In her own words,

Lora by Lora is a Lifestyle Blog, an account of things that are dear to me, such as: – travelling, style, food, family, and philanthropy in my own amateur words.

Laura’s post describes in detail her visit to the island of Elba, Italy, which is just off the coast of Tuscany, well south of Pisa, in the province of Livorno. Read on as Laura shares her experiences on this beautiful, but lesser-known Italian tourist destination.

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Lora By Lora

PSX_20170829_100755Planning a trip to Elba Island, but don’t know what to do once you get there? Worry not! You won’t get bored in this place where there are a thousand and one things to try and places to explore. Here are some of my top suggestions:

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