Italian Pork Chops Ripieno


I couldn’t resist blogging about one of my favorite Italian-style pork chop dinners for our monthly Italian recipe. Monday night is pork chop night at my house, and it seems like this summer, it has become pork chops stuffed with prosciutto and Fontina cheese night!

It’s still warm enough to do this on the grill if you want to! Or, make the pork chops look like they were grilled with my tip. I know your family will love this recipe, because it is a favorite at my house!

The method for making these Italian pork chops was originally posted on October 23, 2016, on the Learn Italian! blog for Stella Lucente, LLC, and Below is an excerpt. Click on the link for the recipe!

I’d love to hear from you after your family has tried this recipe!  


Italian Pork Chops Ripieno 

Monday night is pork chop night at my home, a tradition started some time ago when my children were small and just starting to eat table food. When the butcher has thick pork chops available, I like to use the trick of filling the pork chops with prosciutto and Fontina cheese to liven up our evening meal. As usual, for the recipes I post, the method is short and simple, so the dishes are easy to prepare at home. And the combination of delicious Italian ingredients will have your family clamoring for more!

Fontina is a wonderful Italian cheese that has been made from cow’s milk in the Val d’Aosta region of Northern Italy since the 12th century. Fontina has a light yellow color, a soft but firm texture, and a slightly nutty flavor. Like mozzarella, but less well known in this country, it is used in dishes that require melted cheese. When paired with prosciutto and a single fresh sage leaf, it makes a delicious filling for… just about anything! Click on the link for the recipe… Learn Italian!


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