One-Pot Italian Chicken in Marsala Wine

The perfect chicken dinner for those trapped indoors in the snowstorm that’s hit the country this weekend, or anytime! This is one of my family’s favorite suppers, and it is oh-so-easy to make.

The method for making Italian chicken in Marsala wine was originally posted on February 26, 2017, on the Learn Italian! blog for Stella Lucente, LLC, and Below is an excerpt.

I’d love to hear from you after your family has tried this recipe!  

One-Pot Italian Chicken in Marsala Wine

The recipe title, “One-Pot Italian Chicken in Marsala Wine” sounds rich… and it is! But it is also so easy to make! I am told that for many years in Italy, only relatively wealthy families had ovens (in the day of my great grandparents). As a result, many wonderful Italian meals were developed that could be made entirely on the stove top. This actually fits perfectly with the lifestyle we live today.

In this chicken in Marsala wine recipe, a whole cut chicken is cooked in one large skillet along with the wine and few other ingredients until a silky gravy forms. This hearty and fulfilling dish can be made during the week or served when friends are over on the weekend. Hearty, crusty Italian bread makes a perfect accompaniment. Add a salad or vegetable side dish (contorno) if you like.

So get out the largest skillet you have, and try our chicken in Marsala wine dish for your family tonight. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! —Kathryn Occhipinti

Click on the Learn Italian! link for the recipe!


4 thoughts on “One-Pot Italian Chicken in Marsala Wine

  1. When I was a kid, I begged my mother for the wine to make a recipe like this. She finally gave in, and off we went to the liquor store. Then I spent all day cooking… and it turned out the wine had corked. (I didn’t know that was even possible.) The whole kitchen smelled like burning rubber for a month!


  2. I love the words “easy” and “hearty, crusty Italian bread” in your post. And I’ve definitely experienced the “no oven” situation in Italy, having rented several apartments without one. I just assumed there would be an oven, so the first time, I opened all the cabinets in disbelief… Then I went out and got a toaster oven for those lazy moments in which I had some bread in the freezer, already sliced, so that I could toast up the individual pieces and make my own bruschette with various vegetables preserved in oil. Washed down with a nice red.

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